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Choose the Car Accident Attorney In Your Desperate Times

In the event of damage after a car accident caused by the opponent of the accident, there are various claims against the motor vehicle liability insurance of the other party to the accident. We explain which damage items you can claim and what you should pay attention to. From the car accident attorneys you can have the best choices now. Choose the lawyers with the best setup here.

Damage After A Car Accident: Determination Of The Amount

As a victim of an accident, you should have a specialist determine the amount of the damage quickly after the car accident to preserve the evidence. If the repair costs exceed $ 800.00, you should consult a free car expert and have the damage assessed there after a car accident. Choose the lawyers with the best setup here.

Do not put yourself in the hands of the opposing insurance company, which may have already contacted you to have the vehicle inspected by an expert named by you. The insurance company has a primary interest in minimizing damage after a car accident. If the damage after a car accident is less than $ 800.00 minor damage, have a quote with photos made in a workshop of your choice. The use of the law firm comes perfect there.


Repair Costs After Damage In A Car Accident

On the basis of the expert opinion or the cost estimate, you can have the vehicle repaired in a brand workshop of your choice. The opposing insurance must then – insofar as the opponent caused the damage after a car accident liability rate fully cover the repair costs. You can request a written declaration of the assumption of repair costs from the insurance company and have the workshop settled directly with the insurance company assignment of security. Then you only get the replacement cost, i.e. the replacement value or value of the vehicle one second before the accident minus the residual value or value of the vehicle one second after a car crash. If you love your car and have it repaired, although the repair costs exceed the replacement value by a maximum of 30%, you can still have your vehicle repaired to the extent determined by the expert. However, you must continue to use the vehicle for 6 months afterwards. From the law firms you can now find the best choices.

Settlement Based On The Expert Opinion

You are free to choose not to have the vehicle repaired in the event of damage following a car accident and to settle the damage on the basis of the report or the cost estimate fictitious settlement. You will then receive the net repair damage from the expert opinion or the cost estimate according to the liability rate. The same applies if you have the damage repaired after a car accident in a cheap free workshop or gas station. The limit of the amount of the compensation for fictitious billing is the replacement value. The apt attorney happens to be the right choice there.


If you have suffered significant damage to property after a car accident, you are entitled to the so-called impairment of a vehicle that is not older than 5 years and has not run more than 100,000 km. The impairment determined by the appraiser represents the value by which the sales price of the vehicle fell after the accident. The best attorneys are here for your support.

Loss Of Use

You should drive safely on the road after an accident and you are dependent on the vehicle, you are entitled to loss of use in accordance with the liability rate and if you do not take a rental car. This will compensate you for not being able to use your vehicle for the time of repair or replacement. The loss of use differs depending on the vehicle type. The prerequisite is that you have the vehicle repaired completely or that you buy a new vehicle within six months. The personal attorney is the essential person in this.

Rental Car

A new vehicle, you are also entitled to a rental car as damage after a car accident if your vehicle is no longer roadworthy or safe to drive. Get offers from at least 3 providers and rent at the cheapest rate also keep the offers as proof. It is best to have a declaration of assumption of costs assured by the opposing insurance company beforehand and authorize the rental car company to settle the insurance directly with a security assignment. The best legal help is underway there.

Billing With Comprehensive Insurance

Does not pay in full, you can first use your comprehensive insurance to settle in order to have the damage quickly replaced after a car accident. In retrospect, you can then claim the excess, the loss of discount suffered upgrade and other non-reimbursed damage items from the opposing insurance company quota privilege. The best legal help is underway there.


Further damage after a car accident, which is to be reimbursed according to the liability rate, can be claimed: towing costs stand fees, re-registration costs, conversion costs, telephone and postage costs flat rate: $ 25.00, etc.

Attorney Fees

The lawyer’s costs must also be covered by the opposing insurance insofar as the opponent is to blame. Do not be shy about hiring a truck accident lawyer in the event of damage after a car accident, because the opposing insurance company has a primary interest in the lowest possible payment. However, this is not in your interest and after legal advice you will often receive more money in the end.

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